Monalisa – The Name

What’s in a Name

My birth name was Mona Lisa Santiago. My parents are from Guam and I was born in Las Vegas, NV. I was raised in Orange County, CA and went to high school in Garden Grove. Shout out to all my cheerleader peeps!

The Happy Couple

I met Andy Sabo in 1987 while working at Archive Corp. in Costa Mesa, CA. We have been married for just over 30 years now and live in Honolulu, HI. When I got married I decided to use my husband’s last name and combine my first and middle name, so I came up with Monalisa Sabo. It’s that simple.

People still sing the Mona Lisa song to me and make all sorts of comments about my name. It’s frustrating when the customer service people are unable to comprehend the spelling of my name. It took years to get Verizon to change it to my legal name. Even after I went in person to the Verizon store. One word, small ‘el’.

That Mona Lisa Smile

Oh, and please don’t call me Mona. My closest friends call me Mo. I went through so much effort to change my legal name. I even had to go to court in Honolulu and explain all this to a judge. Just take a breath and say my name. It’s really not that hard to remember.

Just take a breath and say my name.


Anyway, these are some of my favorite Mona Lisa pics from Pinterest.

My Mona Lisa Pinterest Board

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